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How to Get to the Snow Area in Elden Ring

Elden Ring boasts one of the biggest maps in video game history, with several sections to explore and hours to spend attempting to locate something. This guide will teach you to find out how to go past the snow terrains of Elden Ring.

The Between Lands in this game is made up of many roads and locations to get misplaced. The only way for a player to develop and establish himself as a tainted is to get passage to Elden Ring’s snowy landscape. We’ll walk you through the process.

So, What is the best way to reach this area on the map? To progress through the realm, you must navigate the snowy terrain. The space, however, is made up of two levels that are isolated from one another. To get entry to these locations, you must first obtain Key Objects.

After beating the boss King Morgott, in Leyndell, go towards the Street Balcony Place of Mercy. You should have the Rold Medallion in your possession by now. Head up the stairs by the southeast and track the road eastwards until you end up on a huge gate.

Defeating Morgott and obtaining the medallion is the main method of reaching the game’s snowy area, which can be achieved by simply paying the game as intended.

Open the gate and explore the outsides of the town heading towards the snow. Get past the enemies, and there should be an elevator waiting atop the stairs. Go up on the elevator. Cross the tower from there heading eastwards and take another elevator down. From this point, follow the path leading to Rold’s elevator.

You’ve arrived in the “Forbidden Lands,” a land of mercy. You ride your horse through the storm until you reach a large hall with Rold’s elevator.

This elevator will transport the player into the snowy zones, but you will need two separate medallions to go to both:

Rold’s Locket

After slaying Morgott, you will receive this reward. Speak with Melina at the “Elden Throne” realm of mercy. She will hand out the medallion as well as a few more instructions.

Medallion of the Secret Haligbaum (Left)

You receive it after travelling by elevator and delivering the medallion the top of the snowy area. Investigate the surroundings until you reach the Castle of Sol. Beat boss, then proceed northward until you find an elevator. This brings you to the castle’s topmost tower, and somewhere should be a chest containing the medallion.

Medallion of the Secret Haligbaum (right)

The final component of the medallion may be obtained around the location of grace “Village of the Albinaurics.” Once there, go past a perfumer eastwards. When you get to a coffin, turn south to see an NPC dressed like a jug. This NPC holds the corresponding talisman piece.

Having both of the necessary medallions, you may use elevator to select between traveling to the top of the mountain of the giants and following a hidden track. This should then either transport you up or down and lead you to your destination.